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We’re the husband and wife team behind Field Gems Photography. We specialize in weddings and family portraits and are based in the beautiful city of Detroit.

Field Gems Photography was started in California by Elisha in 2010. In January 2014, Michael asked her out. They were long-time college friends (and as discovered later, freshmen year crushes) and always got along but there was one obvious problem: they lived 2,300 miles apart. Long story short, Elisha respectfully declined. In April, Elisha just so happened to be shooting a wedding in Detroit (yes, Michael was a part of lining up that shoot…). And as Elisha spent the weekend capturing the wedding, Michael spent it capturing her heart (“awwww” right? lol). In December 2014, Michael went down on one knee and asked the question that changed our lives forever. After finally overcoming her excitement and shock, Elisha said “uh huh!!!!” and in a short 3.5 months, we married, honeymooned, and packed Elisha’s bags for Detroit!!! Shortly after, Michael joined the Field Gems Photography team!

Elisha grew up with a camera in her hand. Her parents were wedding photographers since before she was born so she’d spend her weekends gladly assisting where her little hands and feet could. In fact, she cracked her piggie bank open for the very first time for an SLR in the 5th grade and hasn’t looked at life the same since!

Michael is one of those high-capacity guys and yet still is so present with whoever or whatever is before him. He gives his all, spits the truth, and has loving people and Jesus at the center of it all. Aside from shooting alongside Elisha, Michael is also the musical director at our church (Mack Avenue Community Church) and is one of the founders of Grubbable, a tech start up right here in Detroit!

When we’re not having fun with clients, you can find us exploring the city on our bikes, tending to our indoor aquaponics farm, playing with our dog, Bacon, making our own furniture, and drinking way too many smoothies.

There are so many people, things, events, and memories to cherish and it’s our great pleasure to help you do that for a lifetime! We like to think of photos as visual souvenirs of time well spent and a captured expression of what’s in your heart.

Anyway, it would be awesome to get to know you! Just let us know when–coffee or smoothies are on us! Click here to fill out our contact form.

Elisha & Mike Feng

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